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Leasing is a great way to find out if horse ownership is right for you.  Leasing is also a viable way to ride an expensive horse without having to fully invest in that horse.  For example: a horse that would sell for $50,000 will often be leased for $20,000 for a year.  One other advantage to leasing is not having to buy a horse, show it for a year, then have to sell it because you are ready to move up.

We offer leases on our lesson horses for beginner riders wanting to advance out of the lesson program.  We can also help you find a horse to lease if you are interested in a more expensive show horse.

Leasing 2016

School Horse
Partial Lease

If you are advanced enough to come ride without direct supervision and are interested in riding on days that you are not taking lessons, this is a great option for you.  Currently we have two horses that can be leased for pleasure riding between lessons.
School Horse
Half Lease
If you want to ride the same horse in all your lessons and show that horse at Hanson Dam shows without an additional fee, this lease would benefit you.  It includes 2 lessons a week and one practice ride.
School Horse
Full Lease
A full lease is available to any student wishing to ride more than 2 days a week.  A full lease includes 4 lessons a week, and full access to the leased horse.  You will also be responsible for paying for shoes every 6 weeks.  You may show that horse at Hanson Dam as well as shows away from the barn.
Private Party
Paid Lease
If you are interested in leasing a more quality horse, this is the best option for you.  Once we figure out what your budget is, we will begin shopping for the right horse for your needs.  The process is the same as if you were going to buy a horse.  Once we find the right horse, you will have it vetted.  Most leases require a year commitment although there are some exceptions.  All lease horses must be insured to protect you and the owner.

Private party leased horses are always in full training.
All School Horse lease prices include board, and use of Sandie Springer Stables equipment. School Horse leases are monthly.