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Sandie Springer

World Class Training and Care For Horse and Rider
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Sandie and Thom provide a complete training package that focuses on what is best for you and your horse.  No two horses or riders are the same and we work together to develop a system that is specialized for your needs.  We produce happy and healthy horses and riders!
If you are not a horse owner and you are interested in learning how to ride, we offer a riding school for the beginner rider through advanced for all ages.  Our school horses are show quality and very safe.  We offer private and group lessons throughout the week.  We also offer full and half lease horses to lesson students.
Sandie and Thom Stables pride themselves in creating a stress-free, no drama environment for our customers.  When all your needs and your horses needs are taken care of, it allows you to focus on riding and learning.  No matter what level rider you are, when you come to the barn, your horse will always be perfectly prepared for you to have a successful riding experience.  When lessons are over is common place for our students to sit around the barn, relax and chat about the day.

Lessons are scheduled at the beginning of the week.  A typical week consists of 3 lessons either in a group of no more than 4 riders or private.  Each week we have you set mini goals to work towards and we help you reach them.  Goal setting is an important part of our program because it allows you to see how much progress you are making.

We work with a wonderful set of professionals to help keep our horses happy and healthy.

Dr. Rachel Ostrum - Large Animal Vet
Jose Santana - Farrier
Jeff Jones - Chiropractor
Gwen Bernardo - Body Work

We do not require you to use our professionals.